Negotiations and a contract conclusion procedure

Within the contract law, we provide our clients with a comprehensive service of counselling in the business contract conclusion procedure with local and foreign clients.

The service entails counselling and participation in the procedures of negotiation and contract conclusion, with the previous verification of the legal and financial standing of contractual partners, compliance of contract clauses with legal provisions, with a precise definition of a contract’s content, the (legal, contractual) fulfillment of the form, with a view to evading ambiguous interpretations, misuse and the annulment of a contract after its conclusion.

Advising clients on some important elements of a contract, responsibility of the contracting parties, possibilities of amendments to the contract, effects of termination of a contract for default (reminder, termination, restitution to a previous condition, damages), possibilities of the fulfilment of a contract in the event of a creditor’s default (fulfilment of an obligation by using the notary public deposit institute), the possibilities of termination of an obligation through compensation, assignation, change of creditors or debtors in a contractual relationship and other legal forms.

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Protective and executive clauses

By entering protective clauses or clauses providing a contract with the force of an executive document, by conclusing contracts on additional guarantees or pledges, or on the pledging of property and rights, we protect the parties’ interests in advance; we also provide our clients with the service of counselling and drawing up of out-of-court notary public settlements and other documents resolving the property and legal relations of contracting parties with the force of a court settlement.

Counselling in the procedures of mediation and arbitration, the influence of a concluded agreement on mediation on limitations and repose, the relation between mediation and a court or another procedure, the various consequences of the conclusion of an agreement on the settlement of a dispute in a mediation procedure which has a force of an enforceable document and agreement which does not have a force of an enforceable document, conclusion of arbitration agreements, the effect of an arbitration agreement due to a cession of a claim or subrogation, filing an objection to jurisdiction, enforceability of a foreign or domestic arbitration decision, possibilities and reasons for the annulment of an arbitration decision, etc.

Within our foreign exchange transactions, we advise our clients on the procedures of investments of a resident abroad and a non-resident in the Republic of Serbia in a legal entity, with a view to having them involved in the administration of that legal entity’s affairs, the conclusion of foreign credit transactions and the procedure of registration of a foreign loan before the National Bank of Serbia, the offsetting of debts and receivables on the basis of realized foreign trade in goods and services, foreign trade in goods and services, purchase or sale, or payment or collection of receivables or debts resulting from the foreign trade transactions of residents, foreign factoring, etc.

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