Mortgage and out-of-court procedure of the sale of mortgaged real estate

Within our consulting service, we render our clients assistance in the procedure of drawing up, certification and registration of mortgage contracts, super mortgage contracts, as well as expert assistance in the implementation of an out-of-court procedure of the sale of mortgaged real estate and the settlement of pledgees. The procedure entails the submission of reminders and other documents on the basis of which a pledgee commences the procedure of settlement and entry of mortgage foreclosure sale in a competent real estate cadastre pending the final sale and handover of the real estate to the buyer, as well as the settlement of debt to the pledgees. The implementation of the procedure in accordance with the law, with the respect of the stipulated procedure and deadlines for the pledgee to take the relevant actions, real estate appraisal, the opening of a special purpose account, compliance with the principle of priority of pledgees in the collection procedure and a regular distribution of monetary assets are a prerequisite for the acquisition of indisputable ownership and for the deletion of all the registered encumbrances on the real estate.

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Pledge on movable property and entry in the Register of Pledges in the Business Registers Agency

Within the procedure of the institution and registration of a pledge on movable property, monetary receivables, future rights and property or shares of legal persons, we render expert assistance to our clients in the composition of pledge agreements, the entry and registration of pledges in the Register of Pledges kept by the Business Registers Agency, the interpretation of the law as regards the difference between a chattel mortgage and a registered pledge, advantages and differences between a cession and the pledging of a claim, as well as full expert legal support and assistance in the implementation of the procedure of the sale of pledge property and settlements to the pledgees.

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