Project writing

We render our clients the service of consulting in the procedure of project preparation, planning and writing, by defining a project idea, establishing and harmonizing the goals of a specific project with national and international strategies, elaborating project activities, compiling the budget and also through risk assessment and management and full interpretation and fulfilment of competition documentation requirements with a view to obtaining grants before international institutions and the institutions of the Republic of Serbia. The service also entails acquainting clients with the national regulations and the strategic documents of importance for regional development, informing them of available national and international projects and programmes in the field of regional development, as well as the preparation of documentation in the procedure of application before other available sources of financing.

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Elaboration of business plans and the preparation of documents for IPARD incentives

We specialize in rendering consulting services in the procedure of application for IPARD incentives within Measure 1 and Measure 3, which are realized through the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and the Directory for Agrarian Payments. An IPARD incentive is assistance intended for agricultural producers and processors and thus it represents an instrument for pre-accession assistance in the field of rural development, intended for the strengthening of competitiveness of the food production and processing sector and promoting the gradual adaptation to EU standards in the fields of hygiene, food safety, veterinary medicine and environment protection and also in the field of rural economy diversification.

If you have been entered in the Farm Register and intend to improve and expand production, purchase machinery, build, adapt or equip the facilities serving for agricultural production renewal and thereby comply with EU standards and if you are not sure if you are eligible for IPARD incentives, feel free to contact us in order that we schedule consultations with you, which are free of charge.

With our support and assistance and upon access to the relevant public registers and documentation, it will be fully verified if you meet the requirements and you will also receive timely information and have your project prepared and elaborated for the purpose of receiving an IPARD incentive before the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and the Directory for Agrarian Payments.

If you have any questions or if you need expert advice or assistance, feel free to contact us in order that we resolve any dilemmas and reach a solution to mutual satisfaction!