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SaricConsultant, Sanja Šarić dipl. pravnik

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Corporate Law

We provide clients with comprehensive service starting with the establishment of various types of companies, branches or representative offices, purchasing a share or stocks in the legal entity capital, recapitalization, change in…

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In the field of transfer of immovable property, we provide clients with comprehensive service of counselling in the procedure for concluding contracts that present legal basis for the transfer and acquiring of…



In the scope of the establishment of companies we offer to our clients the comprehensive service related to the establishment of all types of companies and other legal entities



Within the contract law, we provide our clients with a comprehensive service of counselling in the business contract conclusion procedure with local and foreign clients…

hipoteka i zaloga


Within our consulting service, we render our clients assistance in the procedure of drawing up, certification and registration of mortgage contracts, super mortgage contracts, as well as expert assistance in the implementation of an out-of-court procedure of…



Within the public procurement procedures, we provide our clients with a comprehensive consulting service, by giving them advice and assistance in the procedure of composition of competiton documentation and in the procedure of drawing up a request for the protection of rights…

bespovratna sredstva


We render our clients the service of consulting in the procedure of project preparation, planning and writing, by defining a project idea, establishing and harmonizing the goals of a specific project with national and international strategies, elaborating project activities, compiling…

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Sanja Šarić

Sanja Šarić graduated in law in 2005 and in 2007 she specialized in European law at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law. In 2009, she passed her bar examination and in 2014, she passed a notary public examination before the examination board of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia.

She acquired her initial knowledge and experience working in the People’s Office of the President of the Republic and later as an independent attorney-at-law with the law office in Belgrade, in the period from 2007 till the first half of 2015.

From the second half of 2015 till 2017, she worked as a notary public for the area of the Basic Court in Šid and from the second half of 2017 till 2018, Sanja Šarić was a deputy notary public for the area of the First Basic Court in Belgrade.

While working as an attorney and later as a notary public, Sanja Šarić specialized in the fields of contract law, commercial law, construction law, property-related and legal relations in the field of real estate, lien, financial law and international business law.