In the field of transfer of immovable property, we provide clients with comprehensive service of counselling in the procedure for concluding contracts that present legal basis for the transfer and acquiring of ownership over the immovable property.

Services include counselling of clients and undertaking an array of former measures before the conclusion of the contract. Former actions imply the controlling of the factual and legal status of immovable property with the aim of defining the real owner of the property, controlling legal continuity and legal status of immovable, controlling the existence of potential burdens and potential rights of third persons, as well as controlling whether there are potential disputes relating to immovable property.

Controlling the legal status of immovable implies an insight into the entire documentation relating to immovable, insight into the database of real estate castrate with the aim of controlling the congruence of data defined by the enclosed documentation and that entered in the database of the real estate castrate.

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Our services also include the counselling of clients in the procedure related to the purchase and sales of immovable in the construction phase based on the issued building permit, procedure related to the conclusion of investment contracts connected with the construction of a residential building and other objects, conclusion of contracts connected with the physical separation of the building as well as contracts regulating property-legal affairs on the land site.

We are advising companies in the procedures related to the registering of the immovable property in the capital stock of the company, registering immovable property through the investment and acquiring a share of another legal entity, procedures connected with the status changes of divisions, mergers and reallocation, liquidation proceedings and striking off a company having as a consequence change in the ownership over the immovable property as well as in the procedure connected with the disposal of the property having great value and pertaining to the company.

We are counselling companies which in the scope of their regular business operations burden their immovable with mortgage in order to ensure the execution of their obligations or the obligations of other legal entities, sell immovable with registered mortgage, transfer claims or take over debt secured by mortgage, or sell or purchase immovable in out-of-court, bankruptcy or enforcement proceedings.

We advise legal entities and help them draw up commercial lease agreements, commercial sublease agreements and commercial tenancy agreements by securing the tenant from potential non-payment of lease or unauthorized use of commercial premises by introducing safeguard clauses that enable efficient protection of interest of parties in an abbreviated and simplified procedure.

We advise foreigners when purchasing an immovable property in the Republic of Serbia, both individuals and legal entities that are purchasing immovable property in order to do business in the Republic of Serbia.

If you have any questions or if you need expert advice or assistance, feel free to contact us in order that we resolve any dilemmas and reach a solution to mutual satisfaction!