Non-residents’ rights and obligations in the Republic of Serbia in terms of tax regulations, non-residents’ TINs, and non-resident accounts in a commercial bank.

Given the recent social developments stemming from global and local events, it is only logical that the significant increase in the incidence of entry and stay of foreigners and foreign investors raises the issue as to when non-residents are required to registered with the Tax Administration Head Office to obtain a non-resident’s TIN.

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Power of attorney foreign document

In this text, we shall try to give a simple explanation to some of your dilemmas and provide an answer to frequently asked questions you and we encounter in practice.
Is it always mandatory for the client to be personally present or can some property and legal issues and legal procedures be completed without visiting the country?

Investing in Real Estate in Serbia

What are the conditions, rights and obligations of foreigners in the process of buying and selling real estate in Serbia?
How to identify and minimize potential risks in the realization of real estate transactions?
What are the advantages and risks of buying real estate from investors in the construction stage?

Buying and selling real estate if you are abroad

Živite i radite u inostranstvu, niste u mogućnosti da putujete zbog poslovnih ili privatnih obaveza ili pak jednostavno smatrate da je jednostavnije, ekonomičnije i komfornije uraditi određene transakcije u vezi nepokretnosti iz inostranstva bez nepotrebnih putnih troškova troškova smeštaja i boravka u Srbiji, celokupna procedura, provera statusa nepokretnosti, izrada, potpisivanje i overa dokumentacije može da se sprovesti i bez vašeg dolaska i prisustva pred nadležnim državnim organima.