Non-residents’ rights and obligations in the Republic of Serbia in terms of tax regulations, non-residents’ TINs, and non-resident accounts in a commercial bank.

Given the recent social developments stemming from global and local events, it is only logical that the significant increase in the incidence of entry and stay of foreigners and foreign investors raises the issue as to when non-residents are required to registered with the Tax Administration Head Office to obtain a non-resident’s TIN.

Power of attorney foreign document

The competent certification authority, within the limits of its public powers, confirms by an official seal that a certain person has personally came forth and signed the given power of attorney and that the party’s identity was established by inspecting an official document (identity card, passport or driver’s license).
For the power of attorney to take legal effect, it must meet the legal requirements prescribed by the Law on Contracts and Torts and the Law on Legalization of Documents in International Transactions, both in terms of content and form.

Investing in Real Estate in Serbia

What are the conditions, rights and obligations of foreigners in the process of buying and selling real estate in Serbia?
How to identify and minimize potential risks in the realization of real estate transactions?
What are the advantages and risks of buying real estate from investors in the construction stage?
What are the payment methods and money transfer procedure from abroad in the execution of the contract with real estate as its subject?
Does a foreigner have the right to obtain a residence permit based on real estate ownership?

How to start a business in Serbia, how to get a work permit and a residence permit in Serbia?

In this text, we will give you useful, practical and simple advice relating to the following questions: setting up a limited liability company in Serbia, the registration of entrepreneurs in Serbia, opening bank accounts, registration of head office address, requirements for obtaining a work permit, requirements for obtaining a residence permit for foreigners in Serbia, optimization of business expenses, the benefit of tax exemptions, applying for and obtaining state subsidies and state aid for newly established companies.

Buying and selling real estate if you are abroad

If you live and work abroad, you are not able to travel due to business or private obligations or you simply think that it is simpler, more economical and more comfortable to complete certain real estate transactions from abroad without unnecessary travel costs, costs of accommodation and staying in Serbia, the entire procedure, checking the real estate status, drafting, signing and certification of documentation can be carried out without your arrival and presence before the competent state authorities.